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What we've bee up to....lazy style!

- Playing, parking, beaching, sand castle building, library-ing, crafting, zoo-ing, strawberry picking, camping, hiking, bonfire-ing, painting, farmers market-ing, drawing, and swim swim swimming our hearts out!! Loving all that Summer is.

- Being greatful that our favorite Library has THE best children's librarian who does THE best acting and charecter voices for Story Time
- Being greatful that our favorite Library has such an easy book renewal system. I can hardly get through 2 books during the time I rent them for
- Enjoying having a potty trained boy!!! We are officialy out of diapers!!
- Indulging in the new daily tradition of jumping on the beds after nap time while singing 5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed
- Trying not to fall off
- Not always succeding
- Horseback riding every afternoon with the two new horses I've been hired to train
- Loving being paid to hang out with my son and ride horses
- Still pregnant! And geting more excited and hopeful with every passing day. First scan on the 17th! Might have some very interesting news to share....
- Being head over heels in love with 20 months :) Not seeing any sign of the terrible twos. Yet
- Having some breathing room in our finances. Being more and more sure we'll put an offer on the hobby farm ( 4 bed, 3 bath on 2 acers) in the fall/winter.
- Hoping beyond hope that it's still on the market then.
- Thinking that house sitting could not have been any worse. Either I'm truly not a dog person, or we were intrusted with the care and keeping of the three worst Hellhounds in the tri state area.
- Hating any weather hotter then 80 degrees.
- Loving living in a place where it can be 67 degrees in June and July! I'm just not cut out for the heat :P
- Loving that my son loves ABBA
- Sword fighting with cousin Will (Liam that is...not me :P)
- Feeling overwhelmed by the laundry lately
- Taking in Liam's first movie!! "Up"! It was way over his head (he did however enjoy the fact that there were lots of doggies) but Matt and I loved it. Fair warning...bring tissues!  Liam just sat between us and shared popcorn and M&M's and giggled at all of the funny bits :) It was such a  wonderful experience that I see us doing many more. Next up, the new H. Miazake film "Ponyo".
- Spending LOTS of time with Matt's parents and coming to a new level of family bonding. He and his dad hug now! They're gaga over the Model T's which is something I never expected from Matt. Both of them are even going on a road trip together, just the two of them,  in July to an air show with the T's.  Pretty cool stuff.
- Constantly listening to the Disney broadway classics station I set up on Pandora. It started with the Broadway version of the Lion King and we've been enjoying finding out what all else is out there!
-Discovering reason 99237 to love 'extended' breastfeeding. Nursing combats nausea! It's been so awesome to just pick Liam up and snuggle and nurse whenever I feel really sick. It's allowed me to really enjoy this pregnancy so far!
- Finding my patience quite short lately. Trying to be very mindful of that fact and working through it
- Realizing I have more friends then I've ever had in my entire life right now. Being so, so, SO grateful for this fact
- Falling in love with co-sleeping all over again in our new King size bed!
- Having an impromptu toddler dance session in the dairy isle at Whole Foods with two complete strangers and their children :)
- Finally feeling comfortable enough with myself to dance like no one is watching, even when I know 15 + people actually are 
- Making time every week to scrapbook. And looking back on all of my completed scrapbook projects. Feeling good about capturing and preserving our family memories in this way

Fun at the zoo

Strawberry Jam here we come!

Loving the beach

Making messes

Working with the horses

The rest of our summer adventures are chronicled on Facebook if you're interested. :)


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Jul. 2nd, 2009 07:24 pm (UTC)
AWWW! Such a happy post! Sounds like you guys are really getting the most out of summer and life. Happy for you guys! :)
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