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July 20th, 2009

Posted for my own reference...

Midwife Checklist

There are many, many questions you can ask a potential midwife. I have tried to put together a complete list, but you may have thought of other things to ask! Pick and choose which questions you want to use as you interview to find the perfect care provider for you.

  • What type of midwife is she?
  • CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife) With a PhD in Nursing Science
  • What kind of training does she have?
  • Where will she attend births?
  • Lakeland Hospital
  • What prenatal tests does she require? What does she recommend?
  • None
  • Will you choose the back obstetrician or does she have someone she works with? Who is it?
  • Yes. Dr Scott Baetes
  • What is her view on labor and birth?
    • Can you walk and/or move around during labor?
    • Yes! A must.
    • What positions can you birth in?
    • Any that feel comfortable. Perfers: squat, all fours, birth stool, in the water
    • Can you eat and drink during labor?
    • At will
    • How will she monitor the baby?
    • Intermiditly, with a doplar
    • How often will she monitor the baby?
    • Once every hour or so until transition
    • Can you labor in water? Can you birth in water?
    • Yes.Yes.
    • Will you have to have an IV?
    • No!
  • What conditions will she transfer you to obstetrical care for during pregnancy ("risk you out")? What is her rate of prenatal transfer?
  • Plecaenta Previa. Breach position :(. Sever pre-E. Labor before 36 weeks.
  • What conditions will she transfer you from home to hospital for? From birth center to hospital? Will she stay with you if you have to transfer?
  • N/A
  • Will she provide complete prenatal care?
  • Yes
  • Will she stay with you continuously throughout your labor and birth, or could someone else in the practice relieve her? Would she be busy with paperwork?
  • She is the only care provider that will be with me unless she is stricken down by lightening:)
  • Will she attend the birth, or does it depend on who is on call?
  • She will attened.
  • What is her rate of transfer from home? From the birth center?
  • N/A
  • What is her cesarean section rate? Assisted delivery rate?
  • C rate: 3% assisted deilvery: 5%
  • What her view on episiotomy?
  • Only in crazy severe circumstances. Not adviseable otherwise.
  • What procedures does she perform immediately on the newborn? What can wait? Will she wait if you request it?
  • Everything can wait.Mother s allowed a BARE MINIMUM of 1 hour to bond with baby before anything is done. Newborn exam is done with baby in mothers arms. Weight and cleaning are done as soon as mother is up to getting up and watching.
  • Will she provide you with education as you prepare for the birth?
  • Yes. Quite a bit. From all sides of the spectrum.
  • Who will she bring with her to the birth?
  • N/A
  • What will she bring with her to the birth?
  • N/A
  • How long will she stay after you deliver your baby?
  • 6 hours
  • What kind of postpartum follow-up does she give?
  • 2 hour check. 6 hour check. 12 hour check. 24 hour check. then care as needed and LC folow up as well.
  • When does she recommend your home birth or birth center birth baby see a pediatrician or doctor?
  • 2 weeks and then at will.
  • How long does an appointment normally last? What is a typical appointment like?
  • 45 min to an hour
  • How many babies is she catching during a month?
  • 10-15
  • What happens if two clients are in labor at the same time?
  • She makes it work :)
  • Has she ever missed a birth?
  • Yes
  • When will she come to you after you begin labor?
  • As soon as needed
  • Will she do a breech delivery? Twin delivery?
  • No. Yes.
  • What does she do in the event of a long labor? A "stalled" labor?
  • Natural forms of encouraging labor to progress, walking, massage, herbs, nipple stim, etc pitocin or cervial stretching as last resort.
  • What does she think of premature rupture of membranes (PROM)?
  • Almost never a good idea
  • How long does she wait to cut the cord after the baby is born?
  • Until it stops pulsing
  • What does she do if there is a post partum hemorrhage?
  • uteren massage, encourage breastfeeding, eat some placenta, shot of Pit if needed
  • What are her fees and what do they include? What is her payment schedule?
  • N/A billed through hospital
  • What does she do if a mother goes "post dates?" What if a mother is approaching 42 weeks?
  • Natural encouragement of labour
  • Is she certified in neonatal resuscitation? Does she carry oxygen to the birth?
  • Yes. Yes
  • Why did she become a midwife?
  • How many births has she attended as primary caregiver?
  • 5,643
  • Does she doing regular continuing education?
  • Yes! Loves it
  • Where will my prenatal visits be at?
  • Elkhorn Clinic
  • What does she expect regarding self-care during pregnancy?
  • Education, diet, exercise, mediation
  • What is her view on nutrition and weight gain during pregnancy?
  • Have she ever had to resuscitate a baby?
  • Yes
  • Have she ever lost a baby? What were the circumstances?
  • Yes. Preterm birth.
  • Will she help me with breastfeeding?
  • Yes
  • How does she feel about circumcision? Immunization?
  • Hates the very idea of it. Persoal choice.
  • How do I get my baby's birth certificate?
  • Through hospital.


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