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June 30th, 2009

What we've bee up to....lazy style!

- Playing, parking, beaching, sand castle building, library-ing, crafting, zoo-ing, strawberry picking, camping, hiking, bonfire-ing, painting, farmers market-ing, drawing, and swim swim swimming our hearts out!! Loving all that Summer is.

- Being greatful that our favorite Library has THE best children's librarian who does THE best acting and charecter voices for Story Time
- Being greatful that our favorite Library has such an easy book renewal system. I can hardly get through 2 books during the time I rent them for
- Enjoying having a potty trained boy!!! We are officialy out of diapers!!
- Indulging in the new daily tradition of jumping on the beds after nap time while singing 5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed
- Trying not to fall off
- Not always succeding
- Horseback riding every afternoon with the two new horses I've been hired to train
- Loving being paid to hang out with my son and ride horses
- Still pregnant! And geting more excited and hopeful with every passing day. First scan on the 17th! Might have some very interesting news to share....
- Being head over heels in love with 20 months :) Not seeing any sign of the terrible twos. Yet
- Having some breathing room in our finances. Being more and more sure we'll put an offer on the hobby farm ( 4 bed, 3 bath on 2 acers) in the fall/winter.
- Hoping beyond hope that it's still on the market then.
- Thinking that house sitting could not have been any worse. Either I'm truly not a dog person, or we were intrusted with the care and keeping of the three worst Hellhounds in the tri state area.
- Hating any weather hotter then 80 degrees.
- Loving living in a place where it can be 67 degrees in June and July! I'm just not cut out for the heat :P
- Loving that my son loves ABBA
- Sword fighting with cousin Will (Liam that is...not me :P)
- Feeling overwhelmed by the laundry lately
- Taking in Liam's first movie!! "Up"! It was way over his head (he did however enjoy the fact that there were lots of doggies) but Matt and I loved it. Fair warning...bring tissues!  Liam just sat between us and shared popcorn and M&M's and giggled at all of the funny bits :) It was such a  wonderful experience that I see us doing many more. Next up, the new H. Miazake film "Ponyo".
- Spending LOTS of time with Matt's parents and coming to a new level of family bonding. He and his dad hug now! They're gaga over the Model T's which is something I never expected from Matt. Both of them are even going on a road trip together, just the two of them,  in July to an air show with the T's.  Pretty cool stuff.
- Constantly listening to the Disney broadway classics station I set up on Pandora. It started with the Broadway version of the Lion King and we've been enjoying finding out what all else is out there!
-Discovering reason 99237 to love 'extended' breastfeeding. Nursing combats nausea! It's been so awesome to just pick Liam up and snuggle and nurse whenever I feel really sick. It's allowed me to really enjoy this pregnancy so far!
- Finding my patience quite short lately. Trying to be very mindful of that fact and working through it
- Realizing I have more friends then I've ever had in my entire life right now. Being so, so, SO grateful for this fact
- Falling in love with co-sleeping all over again in our new King size bed!
- Having an impromptu toddler dance session in the dairy isle at Whole Foods with two complete strangers and their children :)
- Finally feeling comfortable enough with myself to dance like no one is watching, even when I know 15 + people actually are 
- Making time every week to scrapbook. And looking back on all of my completed scrapbook projects. Feeling good about capturing and preserving our family memories in this way

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Liam in the grass

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