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June 12th, 2009

Vacation! All I ever wanted.....

We just bought the tickets for Florida in Oct!!

After much hemming and hawing, we just decided that we NEEDED to get out of dodge in the Fall for a bit. This summer will be filled with camping, and swimming, and beaches, and Ren Fair, and....well, you get the gist. We'll be so busy doing fun things that there's no need for a respite.

But we want to try to have a real family get away before the next wee one comes along.
So Florida it is!!

It will be a great birthday present for Liam too :)

The reason we opted for Florida is because my Godparents live down there and there is a whole wing of their home meant just for guests. They've been asking us to come down, so we're finally going to take them up on it!

A part of our stay will also be spent at the Disney Hotel. 'Cause I'm a sucker for it :P That way we can do Goofy's Restaurant with all of the charecters (which Liam is going to LOVE!) and have acess to all of the whimsical Disney things for little ones to be a part of. I've heard it is just great. Every last detail is so out of this world.
I'm really excited! 

Another huge perk of going down there is that I love and trust my godparents to the ends of the earth, and so I feel just fine leaving Liam with them while Matt and I go out and enjoy some fancy restaurants, or just enjoy some beach time alone.
We've found it very important to take time to just be the two of us, and reconnect as lovers without the mom and dad facet of our relationship being in the forefront.
The way we parent makes it hard to not focus on LIam when ever he is with us, and we refuse to in any way ignore him or not include him in the things we are doing when we're out as a family.
So at least every two weeks Grandma and Grandpa or Auntie B hang out with Liam while we take in a movie or get some dinner or hell...just go for a nice walk and listen to Jazz In The Park!
I can only imagine that being able to have some "us" time on vacation will be oh so fantastic too :)

As far as attractions, we plan on doing Sea World (we booked a time to take the whole family swimming with dolphins! Holy crap!) , Animal Kingdom, and maybe Epcot. With Liam being so young Disney world is knida out. But there's always time for that later!


I'm so glad we're going!
Just one more thing to start counting down on the calendar! :)


Liam in the grass

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