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June 9th, 2009

Awesome Opportunity

One of Matt's co-workers is going on vacation, and has asked us to house sit for her.
House sit her horse farm!!!

I raised, trained and worked with Quarter Horses my whole childhood and teenage life. I loved it.
Horses hold a special place in my heart and without a doubt, will play a role in my children's lives as well.
So this is soooo exciting for me!

We get to hang out on her ranch for a week and play with her dogs and horses! Liam and I can go riding every day if we want! OMG!
She even has a sturdy little pony that she says is great with kids, so there's a chance Liam can ride all on his own for the very first time. I'm so thrilled to have a week of being back in the saddle with him!
AND I can take some time to teach Matt how to really ride. We've gone a few times before, but he wants to learn how to do more than just sit there :P
She also has a pool and hot tub that we can play and lounge in too. *sigh* Oh man, I can't wait....

She lives in the town that both of our parents live in as well, so it will be perfect for getting in some good family time too. I'm really looking forward to it. Matt's dad has already said that he wants to take us for a ride through the country to go get some ice cream in the Model T.  Liam loves the T. Matt does too. His dad is teaching him how to drive the four door Model T he owns, which is a pretty big deal :)

This lady goes out of town a lot. and always has trouble finding someone to care for her animals. So if all goes well, this will become a regular thing! Which I'd LOVE!

We don't leave for another 2 weeks, but she has wireless internet so I can take the laptop and post about stuff from the farm.
Brace your self for way too many videos of a toddler giggling on horse back! :) :) :) 


Liam in the grass

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