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June 8th, 2009

Simply fulfilling

In short....the Blessingway was amazing!!

So beautiful and moving and emotional. Lots of tissues were passed around :)

I feel renewed and uplifted by my deep interconectedness to these women and their true, true caring and compassion. I feel so close to the mother-to-be and, savor her friendship.

I really think that Rebecca (the lovely pregnant woman that we were honoring) walked away with a feeling of fullness, and I hope she knows that she can rely on us all for anything.

A really great aspect of Blessingways is the wonderful spontinaity that can come from such openness of emotions. After a particularly moving sharing of our stories about what she means to each of us, our friend Molly decided that it would be great if we could establish a food chain and child caring chain for her.
What a perfect idea! So we have each signed up for  a day to bring dinner to Rebecca's family for the first two weeks straight, and then periodically after that. And we all volunteered to take her girls off her hands at least two days a week for two months so that she has some good resting and bonding time with the new baby.
That is probably the best thing I can think of for a PP gift. Food and rest! 

After I got home, I found some leftovers from the whole shindig in my bag. There is a whole skien of the beautiful red alpaca wool from the solidarity circle**, so I plan to incorperate it into a buntting that I've been working on for the new wee one. I thought it might be a neat reminder to his/her mama of her special day.

And...I also found some leftover Henna!! So I had fun with it :)

Her belly Henna is 10X cooler than this, I'll upload some pics soon...

** the solidarity circle is a binding together of all of the women in the group by lacing a continuous line of red thread, in this case yarn, between us. We all looped it around our writs and told her of our commitment of love to her and her family, and how this connection of yarn symbolized our shared experience as women and mothers. We then cut the yarn and tied it around our wrists, and it's not to be removed until we get the joyous news of the birth! It's an outward symbol of the fact that she is always in our hearts and minds in this most precious and temoultuous time. A visual reminder that we share in her struggle and we share in her joy.


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