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June 6th, 2009

tomorrow already?!

Well, the Blessingway is tomorrow and I almost feel ready! The food is cooked, the flowers are waiting, the PP bath soak is ready, I have some good henna ideas for her belly...man I hope this goes well!!

I think I might have gone a wee bit over board, but come on......I'm the woman who planned, catered, hosted, and cleaned up after 2 weddings! By choice!! I think I have a party planning infatuation :P

Matt is taking Liam and the daughter of another friend attending the Blessingway to Liam's favorite place in the world. The Zoo!! Little man can now say Giraffe (jaw- aff), Lion (lie-on), Elephant (O-fant), and Fish (FLish). And he could probably spend a good three hours in the monkey house trying desperately to reconnect with his long lost family. The Orangutans. That boy is seriously head over heels in love with the animal kingdom!

They are meeting up with the lovely pregnant honoree's husband and his 2 girls. I think at least two other dad's will be there with kids in tow as well. It so cool to see him out with his dad buddies! As tight as I am with my circle of mama's, he's really bonded the same way with his own circle of fellow dad's.

There's just something about the camaraderie of parenthood that can kindle an instant connection between people. I think it's probably a great outlet for us both to be part of a community of like minded parents whom we can share our joys, sorrows, and best infant puke stories with. People who really 'get it'. 
I overheard Matt talking to one of the other dads a while ago about breast feeding, and naturally my curiosity was piqued. The other guy said that he would feel really weird about his wife NOT breastfeeding. How it would make HIM feel like a failure for not being able to give his child the best! And how awesomely convenient it was too :) Matt's response..... "No kidding! I wish I had a pair! there would never be crying in the house again!" <3

I'm also excited to see how he'll do with TWO little ones to wrangle tomorrow. The little girl he's taking is just the sweetest, funniest 2 1/2 year old I've ever met. He shouldn't have a lick of trouble with her. Liam on the other hand might keep him on his toes :)

At least I think both boys will be ready for a nap when they get home!

Wish us luck! 

Woo!! Potty!

Liam has been in big boy underwear for THREE days, with NO accidents!!
He now always tells us when he needs to go and has started even getting up at night to tinkle!

He is so proud of his big boy pants...and so am I!

I am officially the world biggest fan of baby potty signs. Seriously.


We didn't use the whole 'system' that Baby Signs sells, but we used the same philosophy and methodolgy adapting it slightly to better fit Liam's personality.

I have heard some flack about the whole baby signs thing, and honestly I just don't get it. I don't get how people can think that working with your child and giving him/her means to communicate their needs and feelings before they have the physical capacity to speak could in any way be detremental to them. Crazy! Babies communicate with us from birth! Crying, fussing, squeeking, wiggling, had motions, etc. Signing is a way to give them tools to better tell us dumb adults what they want or need :) I couldn't imagine Liam throwing a tantrum because he needed help. He just signs "help!".
Signing encourages earlier language skills and indeed an earlier awareness of interpersonal connection through communication. They can 'speak' to us and not just be on the receiving end of things!

Like the video sites..until the turn of the century people just naturally developed signs with their children. In 1960 the average age of potty training was 18 months. Now it closer to 3 YEARS!
It gives me the heebe jebbes to even think about having a kid in diapers at age 3 :/
So much laundry......

Translating baby signs to the potty and helping him identify when he needs to go has been really neat.  Letting him take control of his own environment and empowering him and to let me know when he needs me to help him get to the potty has been so great for his sense of indepence.
The idea behind some of this philosphy it is that by not helping our children to identify the need to go potty, we are actually 'diaper training' them i.e. renforcing the act of going in their diaper.

We started with this when Liam was about 16 months olds and he could rationalized that soiling himself = being uncomfortable.
We watched for his physical cues that meant he was about to go potty and then took him to the potty so he could finish there. Then, of course we celebrated like crazy fools! He loved it :) And so he WANTED to go potty. He didn't want to be wet or dirty and he loved watching mommy do a crazy dance when he peed in the potty.  

Now that has become him just getting up and calling me into the bathroom to help him onto the potty and clap for him. It's so awesome!!

I am so excited that I may wet MY pants!! :)



Liam in the grass

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