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June 2nd, 2009

Love love love

What an amazing day!

Matt played hookie this morning and we three spent the whole day on the lakeside enjoying eachother's company and Milwaukee in the Springtime.

It was just wonderful.

We went to Beans and Barley, (a fabulous "crunchy hippy", all natural cafe and grocery) which is where we had our first date. We even got seated in the same booth we sat in those many years ago :) It was incredible to be there looking across at my two boys and dwell on our growing little family and how far we've come. How far we've yet to go! 

Then we decided to go for a long 4 mile stroll along the Lakefront and through the parks there, stopping of course at Liam's favorite play area in Lake Park and then the beach on the way back.
It feels so good to be out and walking outdoors again! Even if we did have to don sweaters :P

On our way out of town we also hit up Whole Foods and restocked on some essentials, some treats, some sushi, and some very messy gelato. I also FINALLY found some edible finger paints for little man too so I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be spent playing with them and finding out if they are really as 'washable' as they say they are!

Overall I was just overwhelmed with love for my two favorite guys, the great city we live in, mother nature and all of her glory...and just love in general!

I 'm finding myself once again enamored with Milwaukee. Now that Liam is getting a bit older we're really able to take advantage of what's here for us.
We have year round passes to the zoo, the great new museum, and Betty Brinn and use them AT LEAST once a week. We hike through the MANY nature centers and camp in the forest preserves. The Framer's Markets are a weekly staple too, and we now get a CSA from a local organic farm.
We've recently re-discovered to joy of Old World Wisconsin, and I know there we'll be making many more trips for the special events there this summer. And Milwaukee (and our home town Waukesha even more so) is full of art and music, dance and theater. Heck! We already have tickets to see 2 Broadway musicals (Wicked and Spamalot) coming to town this year! And then there's the fests! Summerfest, Irishfest, Indian Summer, Zoo ala carte, the Holiday Cultural Fair, REN FAIRE (yes we caved and got a year pass this year :P). AND, there are sooo many wonderful small local business and restaurants that offer things, food and service that just can't be found anywhere else. I could go on, and on and, on!
It's just such an awesome, vibrant place to live. I think I'm finally happy with the prospect of being in WI for many years to come. I have come to actually like the idea of raising my kids here :)

Some good points

Snaged from a recent birth choices debate....

Do YOU know all the risks to a c-section?

There are a lot to both you and the baby as well as future births.

Risks to the mother
Increased bleeding which may require a blood transfusion
Infection in the incision, in the uterus, or in other nearby organs which can lead to loss of said organs
Uterus injury and uterine rupture
Incisional hernias/adhesions
Reactions to medications including the drugs used for anesthesia
Injuries to the bladder or bowel
Ungoing pelvic pain permanent or not
Blood clots in the legs, pelvic organs or lungs
Respiratory failure

Risks to the baby
Respiratory distress/breathing issues which is one of the #1 complications for babies post c-section
Prematurity due dates aren't foolproof. Our prematurity rate has sky rocketed to due unnecessary c-sections
collapsed lungs due to suctioning which they do since the baby did not go through the birth canal thus their lungs are full of fluid
Increased risk of infection especially in the lungs again due to suctioning
reaction to the medications used and neonatal depression which causes low blood sugar/BP to the baby
Injury to the baby
Increased rate of NICU time. It's twice as likely your baby will need to be in the NICU for complications due to a c-section. In fact, doctors who cut down their c-section rates saw a 30% reduction in NICU rates for babies.
Mother and baby seperation
Harder time breastfeeding because of medications you are taking

Future risks to children after a c-section
Increased risk of miscarriages/stillbirths due to scar tissue
Increased risk of placenta previa, placenta accreta, and placenta abruption
Infertility/having a harder time getting pregnant
Increased risk of antepartum hemorrhage which can lead to death or hysterectomy
Incresed risk of premature birth because of the scar tissue
All of these risks increase dramatically with each c-section and many of these complications are seen just after one c-section VBACs are sadly not easy to get.

At the very least seek a second opinion from a different clinic/practice as well as hospital if you are being pressured toward a Cesarean. Doctors have fully admitted they do c-sections more often for their own well being they could care less about you or your child. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-cover-birth17-2009may17,0,7665456.story


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