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May 31st, 2009

Sunday...and the kitchen is roiling!

I LOVE Sunday cookoffs!!

Today is Matt's Father's Birthday so we are also going over to their place tonight to cook a feast and 1/2 :)
I truly enjoy cooking with my husband by my side. We spend the whole day laughing, joking, tasting, and kissing. It's total bonding time for our family.
We have one wall in our kitchen painted with Blackboard and Magnetic Paint and an art basket next to it, so Liam happily sits, drawing on the wall and arraging his magnats artistically. He also helps wash dishes and blow bubbles all over the place.
Sundays just make me so very, very happy.

Here's what we've done today (mind you, we started at dawn!):

Puff pastry Pizza cassarole (ZOMG I cannot describe how good this is!)
Cinnamon Polenta Pancakes (we just pull these out of the fridge and put fresh fruit and cream in them, and mmm...)
Breakfast Potatoes with bell pepers and ham (Just like the Original Pancake house)
Chocolate Dipped strawberries
Home-made Super Health Granola Bars (Oat, rye, barley, hulled wheat, flax, figs, cranberries, apricots, walnuts, pecans, almonds, and dark chocolate)
Baked beans
2 roast chickens with brown rice stuffing
A rack of BBQ Ribs w/ pepers and onions
Veggie Sloppy Joe Mix
Homemade Yogurt
Creamed spinach
Pumpkin stuffed shells
Honey Glazed Carrots
Kale and cherry tomato salad
Asparagus soup
Tomato Soup
Blueberry Scone Dough
Chocolate Chip Zucchini Flax bread
Banana Almond bread
Rassberry Jam bars

Our freezer is jam packed right now!!
But....I don't have to cook for AT LEAST the rest of the week :)

So now we're off to the folks to eat and go for a 3 mile hike on The Farm (Liam's Godmother's) in order to walk off all of our 'tasting' throughout the day.

Fuck I love food.....

More on the Blessingway....

Like I mentioned a while ago, I am part of a group of women hosting a blessing way for one of the dear, wonderful women who is part of our mothering commune and sisterhood. There are 12 of us working together to honour her passage through this pregnancy and the birth and expansion of her beautiful family. Seriously, this woman, is so amazing, sweet, crafty, and fun! We all love her so much...and we really want this celebration to mirror that....but man......

it's a lot of planing and work! :P

A Blessingway is a ceremony to mark one of the most life-changing events in our lives....standing at the gates between the worlds and opening your body, heart, and soul to welcome a new person unto this plane.  “Blessingway” is a Navajo term for their traditional birth rites performed by women. The idea of Blessingways was brought to American culture in the 1970’s by midwives who saw that women needed to mark this special time of their lives with nurturing and support. 
At a time when interventive and dis-empowering pregnancy and birth is rampant throughout our culture, Blessingways offer an opportunity to realign our expectations and reconnect to deeper truths.

We'll be doing a few different kinds of rituals to honour her motherhood and who she is as a person. We are making a flower crown for her from seasonal flowers, giving her henna on her hands feet and belly, washing and massaging her feet and hands, sharing our wishes for her, the new baby, and her family, and doing a solidarity circle with yarn and fear burning with sage. 

Also, to remind her of the beauty of birth and the support of her friends and family during her journey, we are putting together a beaded necklace made up of a special bead brought by each person in attendance. Each bead is symbolic of what that person thinks reflects Rebecca, themselves and their caring feeling for her, or is symbolic of what motherhood, birth, or babies mean to them. She'll then be able to wear that or look upon it during the throws of the birth process, and know that there is a whole community, a tribe of mother-sisters, supporting her and holding her in their hearts and sending her strength in those moments when she need it the most.

Blessingways are an incredibly moving and intimate event. I've been to many a blessing way among this circle of women and know without a doubt that they will all be there supporting, honouring and loving me when my next child draws near.

In a time where the sense of community and interdependce is dissolving, special moments like this are vital in allowing us to remember what it's all really about. The simplicity and peace of sharing in the wisdom of the million generations of mothers that have come before us shining in the faces of our closest friends......our chosen family.

As much work as it is to plan such an event, holding her hands and looking into her eyes as I tell how much she means to me and sharing in the real depths of mothering with her will be all so very worth it.


Liam in the grass

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