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January 25th, 2009

It's better than good, It's great!

No, not a slinky......although they are pretty great aren't they?

Breast milk. 

The awesome healing power of breast milk.
If you haven't cought on by my numerous Facebook status updates, we in our household obviously are holding some sort of chosen people hostage somewhere in the basement that we forgot about, because we have be beset upon by a horrible plauge.

The stomach flu to be more precise.

Without going into TMI, let me just say that we all were unable to retain anything solid for at least 48 hours. Matt and I couldn't even hold down water. TMI? Oops.

But Liam, lucky little man, still had his boobies. It was the only thing he wanted from sun up to sun down for these two days, and it was the only thing his poor 15 month old little body could process it seemed.
I had happened to step onto the scale with him at the gym the day before we got ill, and out of curiousity I did so again the day after we had recovered. Not only had he not lost any weight during the horrible flu...he actually gained a few ounces! 
Yes, yes, I know, there is some room for error in those numbers.....but I'm just exstactic that my milk kept him fat and healthy throughout all this!

He bounced back so fast from the illness (me and Matt not so much).

Thus concludes reason #10489734 that I am thankful for breast milk and "extended" nursing.


Have I ever mentioned that Liam is secretly named after Liam Nesson?

There. Consider it mentioned.

I was watching a re-run of the daily show tonight with him on as a guest. What's not to love?! A Buddhist, loves horses, has the greatest eyes.......


I'm going through some weirdness parting with some material things right now.
Specifically, baby things.

We're going through the house and purging all of the things that have just been sitting around cluttering up the place. (as a side note, I'll have a mini fridge, coffee table, wine cooler, and crib up for sale on Craigslist by tommorow :P).  We have a very minimalist style. Wabi Sabi if you will, so the purging feels very good for the most part. 
But I'm having a really hard time parting with Liam's baby things.
I didn't quite expect this.

It's silly.......they're things we never use/used, but for some reason their residual baby-ness makes me cling to them! 
Like holding unto these tangible objects will somehow let me hold on to Liam's babyhood.

We're selling the crib (he's moved into the toddler bed next to our bed now and I know we''l never use it for subsequent babies), all the baby bedding, the changing table (never used it) and missilanious bits of cutsy infant goodness that decorated the nursery, 
Yes. We are still planning on TTC as of March, but we have a different vision for what the next nursery will be like. Not so hello-kitty cute, more natural and practical. After all. The little tiny, cutsy stage only lasts for a little while.

Maybe that's what's nagging me. The brevity of it all. The fact that it has already gone by in a flash!


The only way I can think of to make myself feel better is to work on some bits of memorabila to capture Liam while he is little. I think I might go to the paint your own pottery place tommorrow and do some prints of his feet and hands.

Just the way they are.

Right now. 

Before it slips by in time.


Liam in the grass

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